Tuesday, March 29, 2011


 The decision to make action from thoughts and turn them into a journey with a destination is a pretty straight forward process. Not all can see this process or they see this process from such extreme views that one can not really know pure truth without some hint of faith. If I knew it all then I could proclaim true or false answers to all of my strange internal inquiries. Simo Hayha a Finish sniper died April 1, 2002 with the honor of having the most sniper kills in history. (505 kills if your curiosity is chewing up your attention span) When asked how he became so successful he simply answered "practice" and when asked if he felt regret for the number of people he killed he answered: "I did what I was told as well as I could".  From different perspectives he is a hero, murderer, follower, villain,  killer, father, servant, son, mercenary, husband, anti-Christ. How would this blog post look if I inserted the name Al Sharpton into the blog and brought forth his humanitarian efforts as well as his relationship with the IRS? The perspective would come from the same direction with similar or the same labels.  Or not. Oh crap! Jersey Shore's on, I gotta go!

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