Thursday, March 24, 2011

A moment in time....

Life happens really fast for me. Even the slow mundane events of a midweek approach at a speed much faster than I can usually handle. I sometimes dread the after school homework grind with the kids or the predictable drudgery of feeding the dog or checking the mail. I see strangers pass me by on a daily and I wonder "Who are you and what are you about?" Idaho as a whole moves about at a breakneck speed that only a snail could call slightly faster than a crawl. This is the desolate landscape of high desert living as I was seeing it earlier this week.

I was sitting at a red light watching a 60 something grandma in leopard print suck on a Virginia Slim (with the suction power that would impress any Hoover or Kirby within 100 miles) and a thought crossed my mind. We are all going to die someday and all of this won't matter. I want to tell you what the Diva Granny's vanity plate said so badly I can't hardly focus to finish this stupid blog post! But, to spare her anonymity and preserve my integrity or a slander suit I will keep my mouth shut. The reason I want to spew the vanity plate message is because it gave me proof that we are all of one fabric, being, creation,  merely searching for purpose and a little money to spend in the mean time. By the way, Diva Granny busted me staring at her sucking action and gave me a displeased look of "up yours buddy!", I was waiting for the finger but she stomped on the gas and let her hissing BMW do the talking. That's when I saw the plate!

Why is it that on that day, on that street, at that time, at that precise moment I got stuck at that light and all I could do was judge this poor grandmother of some sweet child? I don't know anymore about her than I know about the guy I saw this morning heading to a job he didn't look to thrilled to have. A slow steady stream heading to a bigger and better river maybe? The odd proof that we are all swimming around in this river of sludge we call life until we earn the right to live among the big fishies in the vast ocean? Preparing for the big day when our survival is tested on a grander scale? (Is grander even a word?) I recently read about suicide forest. Yeah. You read right. Aokigahara forest in Japan. A forest near the beautiful and spiritual  Mt. Fuji where many people travel to end their life. The Japanese version of The Golden Gate bridge, some 200 unclaimed bodies are stored in surrounding communities. The total including the identified persons is much higher and the many detoured by signs and police foot patrols can never be known. All of this swirling mess of information along with Diva Granny judgments and Deftones blaring Rocket Skates from the speakers.......

Then the light turned green, I turned onto South Boulevard and I never gave it another thought until today when started to write. I'm telling you. I need to slow down this brain or invest in the manufacturing of NaSSA's, NDRI's, NRI's SSRE'd, SSRI's, SSRD's, SNRI's or NDDI's, because I know I'm not the only one who thinks and feels this way!

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  1. WHAT DID THE PLATE SAY???? UGH! You're killin' me Smalls!