Friday, November 19, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rockin Rob: The original I.F. gansta,

 I was watching some clips of old Sopranos reruns a few minutes ago and I thought of old Rob. Those who knew him also know he was a rabid fan of the HBO series. Here's an original mixed media piece of an original. "Faster we run. And we die young"........ Layne Staley AIC

"To think. When I got outta the joint. I thought an airbag was Paulie Walnuts."------Tony Bundetto

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Empathy: Explore, evolve and question.

I attended a lecture by CC Nuckols several years ago on mirror neurons. I have since been fascinated by the work since. I found this video this morning and it made my day, I hope it makes yours. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Liar

The future was uncertain; the flaws were overt and plainly displayed on his face. Like the neon Las Vegas glitters reflecting off the atmosphere he enters the room and promised to live it up and live it down, all in the name of ideals. As the reasons fell from his lips a rolling thunder idea crashed upon his feeble mind and trapped again was he, for a split second, and then the lie again was he. Saved from the errors that consumed his everyday existence he concluded his unconstrained fabrication of life. He is a liar and he is unique. Unique in his own mind, seldom seeking a quiet moment of self-reflection, rarely mulling over ideas, and never contemplating the possibility of change.  

I have to admit I almost believed him when he shed the tear. The tear always gets me if the production is well choreographed. I’m a sucker for a good show. I love the dogged hero wrapped in sappy reality TV drama. Well that might be a little much; however the reality part of his drama was much better than any prime-time slop offered up for your viewing pleasure. Truth is, it was more like watching Kanye West at his best; a little sad, very pathetic and not entertaining at all. I’ll give him some credit over West though, at least he doesn’t blame the President to garner praise, he unwittingly blames family and friend before reaching for the Prez. Never misrepresented in the eyes of his constituents, he begs the judgment of all; always here to lend advice but never too proud to stoop and lend a hand …………..he's in your life and he's in mine. All hail the target because it keeps the cross-hairs off of me!    
The Liar: J. Padron, 2009

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reach out and Touch Faith....

The difference between the eccentric and downright crazy seems to be a matter of personal interpretation depending on what side of the sandbox you play in. Can a person be crazy because of the circumstances of their life, or is the genetic soup boiling within their shell a predestined map and compass? We can take the road of least resistance and say it’s a mixture of all things mentioned and some we would rather not mention. However what does that mean for those of us walking around with such questions in our heads? Am I oversimplifying the complex? Am I looking for the easy way out? I might be looking into the life of some very eccentric individuals but I’m pretty sure I’m witnessing a springboard double front flip over the cuckoo’s nest. If so, I’m still left pondering the question: Why do I continue to watch this same episode over and over? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..Maybe I should start watching Jersey Shore. 

Art Stencil: spray paint on cardboard, Jorge Padron 2007