Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She hails from Montana.......yep she does.

  The feeling was deep but somewhat dreary. Like a numb unsettled conversation that leaves you wanting closure. I walked to the brink, on the edge…. and fell forward. Allowing myself to be swallowed by her icy breath and swollen eyes. I was not new to this, no…not new but maybe still a bit naïve to the temptation of chasing this flurry of hints she left strewn across the hillside. Swirling, twisting and evoking a desperate need to stay upright and not fall and still she whirled in circles chasing, chasing, chasing and never pinning this elusive tail.  The white skin from all corners of the compass moves about with ease, no sign of ending because above her crown I see another storm pushing ahead. I fell into her again and again and she continued to present this everlasting compassion and give as I fell and tumbled against her.

A kind soul and a wise mother she became as the day continued to progress and make sense. I think I understand. I know what I must do. I must give myself and skim only the surface of her frozen spine. I must not push or pressure the ebb and flow of this dance. I feel so weary and confused as the day comes to a close. A full day dedicated and yet denied, no pass, no easy way out, no one piece of you was given without a play. I see you and I know you. The rise and fall of many will not be explained today, no, not today. She will hold her silence tight to her bosom.

She will not break and will not soften her lips to speak on high; rather she will flutter her lashes in the wind and sleep again under the sky above. I anticipate our next exchange of words and long for your presence as I invade your space again and again, please wait for me.  Another day complete with nothing left to speak. Her given name is Lone Peak and she resides in Big Sky Montana.  ……………………………………………………….JP

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