Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here we go!

I have pondered the idea of a blog for some time but have thought better of it for a slew of reasons. The most obvious reason or question I have is "Why would anyone waste their time reading it?". Which is still a very big concern. Then I realized that this is a process I am ready to attempt and if it fails I delete the account and the remnants can float in space for eternity. I also thought about family. Will I post family updates and expose our life once again on yet another social media site? Well, no. This is already covered by Bren who does a much better job of it than I ever could. Besides if it is to benefit me and/or the family I really should do it separately. You never know the neighbors might read this!

What finally did it (along with feeling ready) was the inability to make sense of twitter. That's the truth. I want to expose the process of art as it occurs in and out of me in hopes of finding like minded individuals who are stubbornly creating art out of self taught techniques. Twitter gives you so many letters to update, I wanted to fully express. I want a place where I can write about the influence behind the art. (without giving away to much) I don't usually expose the meaning of the art other than the basic theme. The other big draw for me was the idea that all confused feelings, thoughts and overall negativity needs to be exposed in order to live more free. I would like to dispose of the unpreventable by-product of art. Van Gogh might have had success with the blog before he decided to hack off his ear! Theo might have welcomed Vinnie seeking support from fellow art nuts. Now that I think of it Vincent was blogging, old school blogging!

Anyway, here are the random thoughts of the first entry.
Always explore, evolve and question.

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