Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crash on First Street

I was on my way to drop the kids off at school on Monday morning. I was on First street, on Monday morning auto pilot, when a Dodge truck in on coming traffic comes across our lane and hits the grounding lines of a telephone pole! The truck is launched upwards and then rolls onto First street on its side. I pull into the right lane and turn my blinkers on and that is about all I remember. Apparently I told my daughter to call 911. I went to help and saw a man seizing in the vehicle. After another man and I got into the vehicle we were able to hear the elderly man say his name was "Bill". Although the story seems unreal even now the most amazing part was when I looked up and saw my daughter holding the cell phone to her ear and asking me " They want to know if he's breathing, and if he's conscious, can he talk?" All the while.....calm as can be. An 11 year old in a crisis and she was calm as a glassy reflecting pond on a calm day. I was so proud. I bragged all day. I hope the man was able to get help in time. I would really like to know.

Amazing how it can all change is seconds and when you least expect it.

Note: Painting done by Peter Gric, title: Event
Check out his website to purchase original works.

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