Sunday, May 8, 2011

Father Time might be living in Abbottabad!?!?!?!?

The callous on my brain seems to be healing. I need to subject myself to a new flow of energy without getting involved in the mundane thought process that always dulls creativity. The more I think the more I screw up the pure and original tasting art creations that flow from that murky place in the corner of my mind. Over the past few months I've produced more art than the previous two years. I find myself pondering this tonight. Again, I dull the sense with the flow of contemplative soupy drivel. Why not just live in the moment and move on with the energy that's pushing and pulling in all directions? Why not leap from that precipice? One must stop and smell a rose I guess. Maybe count some sheep in the herd of many marching along to the tune of ticks and tocks pummeling away at debt and other unhappy burdens associated with time. Scurrying along in search of riches, mates, and approval from all things human. That dude Father Time needs to be found and furthermore, I think he needs a timeout or a long vacation.

So as I head off into another empty canvas I stop only to purge this from the road of creativity and give pause and thanks to an opposite of marching hypnotic sheep. The opposite of mortgage payments and brain blender reality TV, the light that dulls the blackness and litters the world with hope and meaning.  A special thanks to the ones who brought us forth into this crazy world, you mammals of true and pure emotion, Happy Mothers Day.

It's not the life sucking power of the world but the willingness we offer it as it bleeds us that hinders the goodness offered us daily.              JP 05-08-11

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