Friday, May 27, 2011

Death and rebirth

 Among the spring flowers that push their way through last years rotting leaves lies the empty vessel of a cow moose. Surrounded by its pungent rank odor it only commands the attention of the vultures circling above. No matter what direction I choose to push my will into I am assured of random reminders of just how much wild is still alive in this wonderland I call home. Among the dead things you'll find the breathing pulsing earth pushing forth another seasons worth of renewal. The melting snows flowing as one powerful conglomerate of liquid life, the bully of the land that rips its way through the already scarred face of mother nature. Feeding all that comes in contact with its life giving properties, changing forever the land that for a split second one mistakes as a barrier that contains.  

Color and space define rebirth among the trees. Quaking Aspens whisper softly as the humid air caresses the new buds of this years efforts. Unlike the noisy crackling of yellow and orange colored fall leaves flicking each other in the breeze, the new leaves unable to reach one another can only flutter in light green spasms.Like a new born throwing a tantrum to signal the instinctual need for reassurance and nurturing.  

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