Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reach out and Touch Faith....

The difference between the eccentric and downright crazy seems to be a matter of personal interpretation depending on what side of the sandbox you play in. Can a person be crazy because of the circumstances of their life, or is the genetic soup boiling within their shell a predestined map and compass? We can take the road of least resistance and say it’s a mixture of all things mentioned and some we would rather not mention. However what does that mean for those of us walking around with such questions in our heads? Am I oversimplifying the complex? Am I looking for the easy way out? I might be looking into the life of some very eccentric individuals but I’m pretty sure I’m witnessing a springboard double front flip over the cuckoo’s nest. If so, I’m still left pondering the question: Why do I continue to watch this same episode over and over? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..Maybe I should start watching Jersey Shore. 

Art Stencil: spray paint on cardboard, Jorge Padron 2007

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