Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Empathy: Explore, evolve and question.

I attended a lecture by CC Nuckols several years ago on mirror neurons. I have since been fascinated by the work since. I found this video this morning and it made my day, I hope it makes yours. 


  1. This mentions John Bowlby... who is referenced throughout the book Hold Me Tight - the one that Camille recommends. Good stuff. A question: Which political party supports an empathic civilization?

  2. Think for yourself, question authority. Timothy Leary

    A lot of people will discount the idea just because it comes from Leary, however not all of what he said is rubbish. All parties have good and bad.........but what do YOU stand for?......oh, wait gotta go the herd is leaving! Can't get let behind! Just kidding.