Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Funeral: part 1

 I walked on firm ground with a sense of purpose, a sucker for a good tragedy I agreed to see my friend as he reentered the rehab clinic in the small town of Ashton. He had been involved in a car accident that night; he had a dulled and blunted affect and wore a dumb childish smile across his wasted face of vagrancy. That was the last time he took a drink or drug to cope with life.
We all carry our burdens, our demons, our regrets into each day and attempt to disguise them with a more appropriate shield or cover. Like a protective and stylish ipod cover. Some are better at life than others, it’s true, some go through life making all of the right decisions and making correct choices. (For the most part) I know people who read the instruction manual before taking their newly bought techno toy for a spin. People who follow the step by step guide included in their “assembly required” desk.  I also know the ones who do the exact opposite.  Diving in like hoarders at a clearance rack, not taking into consideration the possibility of a bad choice!  After the night I saw him poured into his bed I never saw him intoxicated on anything other than maybe an excess of Mountain Dew and cigarettes.  When we buried him in 2007 someone brought a 12 pack of Mountain Dew, one was buried with him, and several cigarettes were gently placed in his coat pocket by Matt.   There was a thin layer of crunchy snow above the frozen sand like crystals that still held the ground hostage. All around were muffled whimpers and the occasional snotty nose being cleared into a tissue. There is nothing like the predictable cues of sorrow, the head down, slumped shoulders, red watery eyes, and the contortion of facial muscles that almost always make a lip quiver or purse together in sadness.  Grown men and women alike allowing each other the space to expel this horrible film from the soul. Saying goodbye and pretending to celebrate the life he so bravely challenged and which challenged him.
To be continued……………………………………………………………….

Painting: Alex Grey Title: Dying
Artist website: www.

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  1. dammit Jorge, you made me cry, that was pretty good.I think if we don't write about things that deeply touch our lives, that others will not have the opportunity to experience what we have in order to help them in their lives.