Monday, May 31, 2010

Far Away

Seconds before he was to do it a voice came unto him and it said “Terrified and shocked and even  scared I cannot take you away”, “ I cannot take you away so drive, drive far away”. He said he never understood why he heard this he only remembered the clarity of the words. I was overcome with emotion. Not because of his story but because it was a story told so many times in my office, maybe not this office but the three real offices I have worked in since 1997. He told me he was driving around Idaho Falls thinking of the many people who would wish they had told him they loved him. The friends who would question their friendship and their devotion, the family that would regret the damaging words they used to reinforce their disapproval of him and his behavior. He would drive to the hills above the city and turn himself over to the only one he said he knew would understand. God. He then told me “ He rejected me, he made me strong, he made that gun fall to the seat as I clenched my teeth and pulled the trigger”.

Tonight I was sitting around listening to music and spacing out into the vast expanse of the internet when the song came on. I listened to the lyrics and hearing them for the first time I realized I had thought of this very line earlier today. I looked them up and then I saw it. There it was, right before my eyes, an admission of the words that came to me earlier in the day. It was the same thing I heard but now it was a song. A lovely song. What could this all mean.  

Art Piece: Antoine Weirtz (1806-1865) The Suicide

This is the link to the song I mentioned in the writing. Copy and paste the link to your url. I have also attached the lyrics below the link.

 DEFTONES: Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) 
This town dont feel mine
I'm fast to get away-FAR

I dressed you in her clothes
Now drive me far - away, away, away

It feels good to know your mine
Now drive me far - away, away, away
FAR away
I dont care where just FAR - away [x3]
And I dont care

FAR - away
And I dont care where just FAR - away [x3]

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