Tuesday, November 15, 2011

El rancho meets 2011

So I sat down with my parents a few days ago after years of bantering back and forth about actually sitting and walking through the process of "surfing the web". After a couple of minutes of simple google searching they both fell silent. Then they bombarded me with questions I wasn't expecting, they thought each page view cost money, when I engaged the live radio station from their "ranchito"  I felt embarrassed by my mothers giddiness! About ten minutes into the broadcast a three note chime announced the local obituaries in the area, again my mothers nervous excitement seeped through her childlike amazement. Amazing how much we miss out on despite the close proximity of our family. When we take a few minutes to share ourselves with  loved ones we fast forward the missed opportunities and feel as if nothing had been missed in the first place. I hope that's true.

What will my children be teaching me when technology leaves me behind? Makes me wonder.

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