Sunday, January 16, 2011

Denial Junkie

When the powers that be erupt in a glorious display of emotions I will know that we have arrived. But let’s face it; it’s going to be a while before that happens. In the meantime let’s explore and see what we can find for ourselves. In terms of solutions to universal questions just forget it. The real truth to unanswered questions often lies a few feet from where we are looking and often we are stepping on the answer with our clumsy feet of intuition. The answer is never buried but exposed. The truth is real not false.  The fact is usually a self-inflicted lie to numb the area of pain. It’s soothing relief inching its way up our spine as we succumb to the silent seduction of internal denials. Lies are an amazing anesthetic. Unfortunately like a well-deserved epidural for a birthing mother, all good things must come to an end.  And we welcome back the pain with an explosion of confetti at the parade of fools. Waving the hand with a waxy smile pretending we hold the reins of control for the sake of others. Wave my friend and I will wave back. Let us find our way through the streets of life and always be cordial to one another, not as genuine souls but as plastic personalities dripping of lead based paints. Embrace me and I shall do the same, and when all else fails there is always the wisdom granted to the elderly. If we make it that far we at least have this to forward to.   Please pass the syringe. I need a dose.  

Art piece titled Mr. Jones: pen and color pencil on legal pad. Completed during a a juicy lecture from some noble being . I'm sure of it. 

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