Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Borderland Beat

I was reading the newest, juiciest, noticias brought to the masses by a group of underground journalists and renegade photographers or maybe its the same person. Truth is I don't know. Hidden identity from fear of cartel violence is enough of a reason for me. They offer up a pen name and that's about it.  What I do know is that this site is extremely graphic and the guys or gals of BB who venture into this war zone have a pretty impressive set of stones. Anyway, the point. Although I shy away from most political topics this is a topic that needs to be observed. If you can stomach the images have a look-see, if you can't then don't even go near this site. The info purged through the BB moles may be biased but so far I am convinced they are legit.

As I was cruising through the site I came upon an image of the Policia Federal of Mexico and the image was a bit unnerving. So much so that I had to sketch it. Here it is. I understand that they conceal their face from fear of retaliation but they look a little scary. Can you see a small child going up to one of these guys looking for his/her cat stuck in a tree? Probably not. The number? Well...... figure it out. 

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